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OOH Know is a Media Management Services business.

We provide a number of core services to our clients:

1. Strategic Consultancy/Commercial Media Model Formulation

Assessment of 'perceived opportunities' and advice on how to commercialise it in light of buyer group requirements

2. Site surveys/Acquisition strategies and activities.

Site Owner relations

Site suitability assessment and valuation reporting.

Site acquisition activity including all commercial and legal negotiations and 'on-going' relationship management

3. Media Network Solutions and Deployment

Design, development and deployment of a fully-costed media network infrastructure solution

4. Network Management Services

Fully costed, detailed short, medium or long term outsourced

network management solutions to suit all types of media format (traditional paper or digital) and business models (ad sales based, subscription based etc)

5. Advertising Sales Solutions

Assistance to build either an in-house managed sales team or

indeed employ OOH Know's own sales team, as an experienced and 'buyer-connected' immediate outsourced sales solution

6. Marketing Planning and Communication

Formulated plans to help media network owners market their opportunity to the 'specilaist' buyer/planner customer

7. Relationship Development and Partner Relations

Advise on suitable 3rd party supplier solutions and costs.

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